Thursday, October 29, 2009

Business Sense

Sometimes, some things just make too much sense.

This blog will not be for everyone, and I would appreciate those who are "not interested" not posting anything in response. I am not interested in your reasons for not being interested. *smile*

No, this is for someone who is about business...who can observe and recognize a solid business opportunity, not only as a personal user but as someone who can see the benefits to the point they will have no problem sharing their belief with someone else.

A business person does not say things like "I'm not a salesperson," or "I don't like talking to my friends about stuff like that," or "I don't like to 'recruit' people."

First, let's address each of those:

1. "I'm not a salesperson"

Yes, you are. Every day you "sell" something to someone because if you like something, you'll tell someone else, and you really feel great when they affirm your belief by buying it also. Plus, and don't you dare deny this, you will go and try/buy something that another person told you about and, by that definition, you were sold something by another non-salesperson. Hmmmm?

2. "I don't like talking to my friends about stuff like that"

I often wonder why people say this. If you believe ANY of point number 1, then this statement is just plain idiotic. What are they going to think of you if you did? That's the point, isn't it? You're afraid that they are going to think less of you because you are in business doing something bolder than what they are doing now.

Did you ever think for just a moment that they will accord you more respect because you are at least doing something for yourself? They may not want to follow you but who cares? If you're in business, you only want to deal with the willing and you should stand on your belief in your product or service. If it is good enough for YOU, then what else matters on that score, eh?

3. "I don't like to 'recruit' people"

In network marketing, number three also flows from numbers one and two. Once again, you don't feel it in your nature to do whatever it takes to succeed. You would rather leave that to someone else. In fact, more often than not, you would rather work FOR that person because that is the safe route...let 'them' take those risks. By ceding away your ambition, you are now an indentured servant to your employer and you have the nerve to complain when competition takes away your job, or the company is failing--not because of you--oh no..that's not your concern; that is the problem with the boss.

These three things are the biggest stumbling blocks to average people like you and me from achieving greatness in network marketing. One may have a latent dream to own their own company and be the boss themselves but they can't possibly see themselves in that position because of their own diminished view of their self worth in this area.

Further, the non-business person has no respect for sales and marketing even though their very financial well-being depends on someone somewhere selling something to someone. The money to pay you has to come from somewhere, right!? LOL

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that I have several businesses of my own. More often than not, the income from these endeavors have kept a roof over our head and food on our table when the income from our jobs just wasn't enough.

So, what do I look for in a business before I decide to do it?
  • Is it something that I would use and enjoy myself?
  • Is it something that I could easily describe to someone else?
  • Is it something that I would love for my friends / family to do?
  • Is it something that just makes too much sense NOT to do?

To digress just for a second, when you took your current job, or your last one, what was the primary reason for accepting their offer of employment? Was it the money? Was it because you knew you could do the job? or, was it because it was just a job and you needed one?

A business-oriented person never thinks like that. A business-oriented person doesn't even think in terms of how much money they could make. A business-oriented person is in business to it a better life; a better name for himself; or a better life for someone else. By making someone else prosperous, they will become prosperous themselves but with purpose and meaning.

I do several businesses...all of them with a "good idea" as their foundation. A good idea is always an easy thing to market.

As such, I recently joined Pre-Paid Legal. I've known about them for over twenty years and always had "a thing" about them so I never pursued the idea of it. At one time, I did belong to a similar company called Syntrom Legal Services but unfortunately they went out of business. Pity.

So, what makes Pre-Paid Legal a "good idea?"
  1. No one in this country would rightly see themselves without life, health, or auto insurance. Unthinkable, right? But, the odds of you encountering some legal trouble is FAR more prevalent than any of those other situations.
  2. Wouldn't it be great to say "I'll have my attorney look at it" but, the reason why the average person does not have "an attorney on retainer" is because, well, it just costs too much. After all, $200 an hour is $200 an hour!
  3. We all need to know and believe that, no matter what happens, we have specialized counsel that can be there should we ever need them. Be it a car accident, a mortgage, or a contract, an IRS audit, you WILL need an attorney to assist you.
  4. Pre-Paid Legal has been around since 1972. Syntrom lasted only a couple of years. Pre-Paid Legal is on the New York Stock Exchange. Pre-Paid Legal has made money every single year in its existence. Pre-Paid Legal is not a fly-by-night sensation that will soon go under.
  5. The prepayment for legal advice retention is a normal occurrence in Europe. But, America is far more litigious than Europe is. Only 3% of this nation has legal representation 'on retainer.'
You know sometimes, some things just make WAY too much sense...

So, for the business minded person who has just read the above, wouldn't this be something you, a business person, would love to have as part of your business's dossier? Wouldn't it make sense to have all of this protection at your disposal so that you could conduct your life with at least one less worry?

If you could have this benefit package for only $26.95 a month, and then add only $9.95 a month more for complete and total Identity Theft Protection from the BEST company in the WORLD at doing so (Kroll), isn't it just another thing that makes a whole lot of sense?

Now, if you believe this...I mean, REALLY, believe this, who would you tell about it? How would you tell them? What would you say?

How much "selling" does something that makes this much sense take?

I don't know about you but after knowing about Pre-Paid Legal for over twenty years but not really 'knowing' what I should have, I felt that I could not go another day without adding this amazing concept to my dossier.

After all, if I could get paid (daily) for just telling someone about something this good, and helping someone else tell someone else about this very good thing, that makes a world of sense as well. If the model is there to make a living doing so, why not?

Please note: network marketing is not a pyramid. Pyramids are illegal and that's why Bernie Madoff is in jail.

There is a whole lot more about this company, concept, and compensation model to share but I don't want to hear from anyone who is going to tell me anything about why it won't work! LOL

Over thirty years of positive growth in spite of these naysayer's opinions trumps anything they could say, right? After all, I'm just getting started so don't ask me what or how I've done so far.

The key is whether or not I have some business people who can appreciate a solid business that they can OWN and work at their own pace and truly benefit by HELPING people with a massive problem.

On thing that I DO know is that if you find yourself suspect to any or all of the three pitfalls above, someone else from Pre-Paid Legal is there to help do the selling for you. Again, it makes just too much sense to be true, huh?

Call me: 484-Don-1228 or write to me: and let's see what we do for you.

Also, in case you hadn't guessed, Pre-Paid Legal is THE pre-paid legal plan on this website: How about that, huh?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


Monday, October 26, 2009

What Else????

I work for an entity that has been designated by the FCC to accomplish certain goals by providing groups with funding. The goals are noble and literally everything that we do is geared towards sending money to those qualifying organizations. No other goal matters.

During our Board meetings today, I listened to the Directors all speak in terms of what they/we can do better for the sake of the applicants. How can we make it easier for them to apply and obtain funding? How can we make sure they don't make a mistake a second time and cost themselves the opportunity to qualify for these very important funds.

While listening, a certain moment of clarity overcame me.

Do WE do what we do for the sake of someone else or only for ourselves? Do we make it easier for people to have a better life or a better relationship with us? Do we orient our thinking towards that end?

The Directors said something else during that moment of clarity that really hit me: what do we have that can be brought to bear to accomplish those goals?

Wow!! What do we have "that can be brought to bear?" That's a powerful question!

To cite the phrase that "no man is an island unto himself," do we even consider that when we go out side our doors every day? Do we consider that when we go online to interact with those that we know out here?

When I was in sales, the times when I was most successful were when I went the extra mile and "over-serviced" my prospect. I always thought to myself, what else can I do to make this person NEVER want/need to go to another person for what I can do for them?

Jesus did the ultimate for us when He gave His life as ransom for our sins. He did all of this because He loved us--loved us enough to die for us--and to rise again to give us proof that life can be eternal. His resources, of course, are endless. His patience is boundless. His mercy is infinite.

He does all of this for! Who are we to merit such reward?

When you host a party, do you only do what is necessary to have it or do you do enough to make it memorable?

When you meet someone for the first time, is it more important that they get to know you, or you get to know them?

When you believe in yourself enough to say that love yourself, do you keep it all for yourself or do you share that love with someone else and thereby be a reflection of God Almighty?

Do you believe that there simply has to be SOMETHING else, no matter how small, that you can do to make someone eternally happy that they met you?

Let that be your question for the day...let that be the answer that haunts you until you finally "get it." Maybe you will experience the same "moment of clarity" that I did this morning.

God bless you all, my beloved friends..