Sunday, June 20, 2010

The OrGano Gold Business Plan

This is the opportunity you've been waiting for! If you want a home-based business which taps into the greatest consumable product on earth, then OrGano Gold is for you.

The simple elegance of OrGano Gold is that you don't have to convince the coffee drinker to drink coffee...and 80% of the North American continent drinks coffee at least once a day.
  • No explanation.
  • No long rationalization.
  • No justification.
It's simple; it's easy; it's coffee...

and, ANYONE can pass out a sample. That's not sales as much as it is, well, just passing out a sample! LOL

AND, if you already doing network marketing, serve up another revenue stream to your prospects at your can never have too many of those.

So, yes, I'm excited...I can see it happening for me. What about you?

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Revenue Streams

This is going to be a relatively long blog because I feel the need to express my position on business and business ventures.

I am in a number of network marketing endeavors and I am only in them because I believe in what the product or service can do for ME. By association, I can transfer that belief to another person because I can see the benefit that can accrue to THEM. In marketing, that's all it takes...the ability to wear your belief in such a way that allows someone else to want it as well, and/or to do what you do. Is that being the dreaded, "Salesperson?"

Probably...and let's face it, not everyone can be, let alone see themselves as a salesperson. After all, it requires one to flip a switch and be "on" in order to engender that excitement in another. We can all read facts and we can all see the benefits of doing this or that.

The perception of a "salesperson" has always been less than positive to some but, the reality is that everyone of our professional existences requires someone to be the salesman in order for us to put food on our table. But, that's personal and if you're in network marketing...rephrase, if you're in a GOOD network marketing system, you should only be able to earn substantial income by helping someone else do the same or better than you. Anything else is a shell game.

I've written before how I abhor the approach and setup of YTB, for example. Some like it; I don't. I think it is inherently tilted towards Ponzi-ism with its high entrance fees, most of which go to the sponsor, and its high monthly fees to have a website. To do e-commerce, you MUST have a website, or what's the point?

But, I digress...

What prevents a person from getting into network marketing? Let's take a look and see if any of these seem familiar? they may say:

  • I am not a salesperson.
  • I don't like talking to my friends or family about business
  • I am happy doing what I'm doing

  • I am busy doing ___________

  • I tried it before and didn't make any money

  • I can't see myself doing that...

Naturally, not everyone is wired to be this way and so we allow for this. Despite their constant sharing of their opinions and thoughts on a subject, often with great passion, they aren't "really" salespeople, huh? :-)

However, so many people who feel they can use any of the above reasons for not getting involved in network marketing, still have dreams that need to come true, right?

If your dreams are large enough, and they are real enough to you, what will you NOT do to make them happen?

To that degree, it takes courage to see yourself differently than you did before. When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see yourself in your dreams? Do you see success? Do you see accomplishment on your own terms, or do you only see "you?"

It takes guts to work with other people to have them achieve their dreams. It takes courage to do what you don't like to do in order to achieve what you really want in life. If you cannot muster the courage, you may lead a life of "quiet desperation" in the words of David Thoreau. Then, years from now, you will look back and cry "if only" I had done this or done that...

If you are ready to be that someone else...that person who won't settle for business as usual; the person who feels that they deserve the best opportunity to be what they want and not constrained by someone else's performance appraisal, the person deep down who has been hidden from you until now, then when will you start?

I heard a preacher earlier this year ask the congregation to stand, turn around and look at the rear wall, and then turn back around. He then asked us to to turn the person next to them and repeat after him:

"Neighbor...that's the LAST time that I'm looking back!"

If that is you, then let's talk business. Let's talk about you reviewing an opportunity to achieve your dreams. Let's talk about something that WILL let you be successful if you have the courage to not care what people think of you because you will do whatever you need to do to better your life!

If you want a simple and easy business to run, one that fits your schedule and you run on your own terms, but with hundreds of people ready to help you be your best, then please listen to this brief eleven-minute video and contact me privately: I, for one, am not looking back anymore without seeing who I can bring up to the front with me. If you are that person willing to come with me, and even pass me in this business, then I will see you at the bank

It's easy; it's simple; it's coffee!

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Is it really THAT bad??

Is it really that bad?

Let me reiterate that AirForceOne and I do not fight. We may have our disagreements and we may get upset but never to the point where we can't stand to be around each other for an extended period of time. ALL relationships will have those moments when it is not lovey-dovey so all know them when we see them.

But, have you ever noticed that when people get upset with each other, one or the other (and I have found it to be the woman most of the time) doesn't want to speak to the other? One may find themselves so upset over "something" that for that moment, or moments thereafter (or days! LOL), the last person they want to be around is you!

I have noticed that the tension that results is such that extraordinary time and effort must be expended to bring the relationship back to "normal." I am not one to argue or fight with my friends either so I have a hard time wrapping my mind around this phenomenon that causes two people who otherwise care for each other deeply to "have" to separate.

Then, the tiptoe-ing starts because now the offending party doesn't quite know how to approach the offended party to even determine what caused this rift in the first place!

Was it really that bad?

I am a person who believes in maximizing the joy that I feel with another person. I find that fussing or spending negative energy over what is more often than not a minor issue, is, well, pointless.

I have also seen otherwise commited people dissolve their relationship over things that, in retrospect, weren't really that severe, or severe enough to destroy what they had. When they meet months or years later in a different frame of mind, they often can't even remember what it was that caused the difficulty, or can now admit that it really wasn't that bad.

So, since we ALL have gone through this process, what should we do to prevent it from bubbling up to become a mountain-out-of-a-molehill thing?

I have good friends with whom it is important to be clear when you are communicating your thoughts. I know them well. Not that they will fly off the handle with indignation over something they KNOW that I didn't intend to be offensive, but they may pause to ponder what was just said and, because we are close, we review it for clarification.

Can you talk to your intimate this way? Can they talk to YOU like that, or is your wiring set to react negatively at first.

I remember writing on a message board, oh, 11 years or so ago, "Don't rue the past; rule the future!" Or, to borrow again from from my friend, SmittyB, "Don't create regret!"

If your relationship is worth having, and thereby worth saving, pause a bit...allow each other to be who they are; let misunderstandings BE misunderstandings and not the catalyst to start a bonfire.

Look for and see all the reasons why you were attracted to them in the first place and look for them EVERY day! Remind yourself why this person IS so special to you now that you're committed to them. Live as if you couldn't live without them and they will respond with the same.

Remember, do this ONLY when you are committed...before then, you have to get to know each other first but that delicious journey is one of wonder and excitement. Approach THAT with the same enthusiasm.

Live and love out loud with each other. Glory and exalt the union you have and give it all the positive energy you can. And, most important, don't sweat the small stuff...