Saturday, June 23, 2012

God came to visit...

For The Choir:

What would you do if God decided to visit you? Not just anyone, but YOU? You had a wonderful conversation and actually wrote a lot of it down. But, you didn't believe what He said so you tested Him. You went to great lengths to try and make Him out to be a liar or a lunatic. You even went to some other people and told them who you had in your house and they didn't believe either.

He showed you so many God-like things that it was hard to not believe but still you did not. You kept looking around for evidence that would prove that this person was NOT who He said because you just couldn't believe that God would visit YOU.

Then, He said "listen, I'm going to leave fact, I'm going to be killed because, well, I love you and I have to find a way to make you believe this. You replied, "Listen, you don't have to do all that! Don't you think that's a little extreme?"

He said, "No, not at all. Anyone can die; in fact, ALL men will die. But, to make sure that you REALLY believe it, I'm going to have some of the best killers in the world do it, just to make sure. I'm not going to "swoon"...I'm not going to have anyone take my place...I'm going to actually DIE.

And then, just for YOU, I'm going to rise from the dead. Then, I'm going to go to about 500 people from all over to show them that I'm alive. In fact, I think I'll have lunch with them!"

You say, "Dude! Come on now. A man can't do that!"

He says, with a wink, "Exactly."

Then, He said be over there in the town square in about 43 days, about noon...

Well, you listened to the nightly news and you heard about this man being publicly tried, judged, and executed. You were so sad because He seemed like such a nice fellow. But, you remembered what He said about being in the town square.

So, you go and there were hundreds of people...those people He said that you told about Him coming to visit you.

As you approached, there He was...alive??? What??? One dude actually had the gall to put his fingers in the holes in His hands. He then looked over at YOU...smiled that you remembered to come...and then, with that same peaceful smile, He rose and left. No strings. No pulleys. No tractor beam (smile).

As He rose, He said, I'm going to prepare that mansion for you...if you believe me now.

As for ME and my house...

Monday, June 4, 2012

Over that last hill...

The Physicist keeps looking for explanations. 
The Biologist keeps looking for explanations. 
The Archaeologist keeps looking for explanations.
 The Scientist keeps looking for explanations. 

The Christian just smiles...