Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Passing the Network Marketing Interview

Most firms, when they want to expand their operations, will place an ad in the newspaper or some other media outlet seeking candidates to fill a certain position within their company. The scope of work has been defined and now begins the process to have a candidate sell themselves to you as to why you should employ them.

By the same token, your company is also being interviewed as an ideal place to work in terms of atmosphere, benefits, and working conditions.

Hopefully, after two or three interviews, and all of the references check out, an offer is made and the candidate accepts the offer. Then, comes the orientation, the training, and the true employment comes in where the former candidate, now employee, begins their career making money for the company.

With network marketing, some of the same principles apply. The marketer is seeking people to work with them. They present their company and products/services first, however, and that is what is used to draw candidates to them. They also use their personality to underscore everything that is "good" about working with THIS plan to help achieve the candidate's life goals.

For many marketers, it is here where failure starts to rear its ugly head.

When one ties their personality, their essence as it were, into the company's vision and the product's capabilities, and they are so tightly wound together, that one views the rejection of their offer as a personal slight to themselves. Then, they dissolve into a pathos of misery where they blame themselves, or they fault the company, or the products for their failure.

EVERY marketer in the world has someone who tells them "no." No one is exempt.

I thought recently of the "cattle call" when a film or dance studio puts out the word for talent to appear and audition for a part in an upcoming production. Many people come with their portfolios, their credentials, and their spirits at an optimistic high. Nearly ALL of them are told no.

Does this mean that they are not worthy? No. It means that the troupe was looking for a certain kind of person to fill a certain role and, since we're all different, that role was better suited for someone else. That's all.

Yet, people run up against this rejection and deem themselves as failures where the role for them is just somewhere else.

Would you believe that the role of Indiana Jones was supposed to go to Tom Selleck? He couldn't get out of his Magnum P.I. role to do the movie so the part went to Harrison Ford and the rest is history. Tom Selleck has done quite well for himself, hasn't he, and Harrison Ford has proven to be box office gold for decades!

So, how does the network marketer deal with this when they are trying to find people?

First, you must realize that you cannot sell to or sponsor everyone. Not everyone is going to say yes to your offer. Colonel Saunders was told no over 1,000 times before he hit it big with his special way of frying chicken. Have any of you been told no that many times yet?

Second, you must conduct yourself as someone worthy of partnership. You should present your company, the product or service, AND you as distinguished and professional. The most successul people in your company were not carnival barkers who went out with a sandwich board and sang "76 Trombones" to get people's attention.

If your offer is solid, your calm, peaceful, and confident demeanor which represents it should be something that makes a person want to interview with you!

One of the problems with painting a picture of an opportunity in terms of income potential is that not everyone can see themselves with that kind of lifestyle. They often feel unworthy of it, or they don't want to do the work that earns that kind of life because of their self-image. The psychology of doing the "safe" thing has people so paralyzed that they feel that doing something like network marketing is being "unsafe" and they will risk everything by doing so.

Understanding this about people will help you to overcome it when you are faced with why people are telling "you" no...

Mold your opportunity to them. As my friend Tony Gainer asks, "What is your 'why?'" Why would you want to go into business for yourself? What kind of full-time money would it take to change your life from employee to employer? Ask them where do they see their dreams taking them in the next five to ten years?

You see, when it comes to network marketing, it is not about you. It is not about your company. It is not about your product or service. It is and always has been about THEM...the person with whom you want to see if you can work with.

But, before you do any of that, conduct that interview with yourself! Get with your business parther and have a frank discussion about who you are and why you feel that you can or cannot do what it takes to reach for and achieve the highest levels in your business.

When you realize that the crux of every success that you hope to achieve is vested with how well you interact with other people, you will find that your perspective is one that reflects right back upon yourself.

  • Are you "partner-worthy?"
  • Are you "success oriented?"
  • Are you ready for this to be your last network opportunity no matter what comes along that sounds "better?"

Remember, people will disappoint you and they will do so every day. You go to your place of employment and sooner or later during the course of the next 24 hours, someone there is going to make you wish you were self-employed! But, the question will be are you really ready to work for yourself? Are you a better employer than your current employer when it comes to managing yourself?

Be prepared, network marketer, for the pitfalls and the speed bumps and the naysayers (even yourself trying to convince yourself that this just can't work). Someone somewhere will reject your opportunity and you at the same time. That doesn't mean that you can't still be friends -- or family. What it means is that your homework assignment is to find a way to prove to them just how incorrect they are about YOU...not your opportunity.

There is a classic saying that states, "Living well is the best revenge." Live well, marketer...prove them wrong and watch how much they will love you then! You won't have to find them...they'll find you!

P.S., I've been guilty of nearly everything I wrote above...*ouch*

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Serving Time In Your Comfort Zone

I have heard the term "comfort zone" used to describe that part of one's life where they feel most accommodated, or safe. Their reluctance to leave it is so risky to them that they are literally paralyzed with fear to do anything to disrupt it.

In other words, they are serving time in their own personal prison.

Fear can do many things to a person and one of the first things it does is to rob them of their incentive to be, well, "better." Being "better" is a relative term but given the nature of humans, it can best be described as being improved. Whether we are talking about a skill set that needs enhancing, or one's economic situation being in need of a serious upgrade.

Fear, in and of itself, is an agent of mediocrity and as long as one keeps that fear to themselves, they do not have to answer to it. When the task calls for the involvement of other people, then one's image of themselves as a being who is afraid to be seen as they see themselves, is something to be hidden away from all prying eyes.

Fear also leads to worry and worry and fear together is an extremely toxic combination. Worrying takes the place of action and being afraid to act is tantamount to surrender. One has simply given up on being anything other than their own pitiful self and the result is a half-lived life.

A life not lived is one not felt.

As a Christian, I live to feel the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of me, directing and counseling me on life's challenges. It is He who is working to make sure that I live an abundant life in accordance with my obedience to God's will.

Life is nothing if not challenging and the greatest challenge is to live without fear or worry, to escape one's comfort zone, and to reach out and experience God! But, if your comfort zone does not allow you to even look outside of it, then it has indeed become a prison.

What do you see when you imagine yourself as successful? And, let's define "successful" as being beyond where you are today to be someone/something "better."
From the safety of your prison cell do you imagine the world as viewed from your television, or your books, or your magazines? Wouldn't it be wonderful to actually have touched this world at some point?

Do you envision life as too challenging so you choose not to face it? I mean, we don't have to be talking about skydiving!

Let's presume that you are faced with a financial challenge. In thirty days from now, unless you do certain things, you will lose your home and all of your possessions. You will have to make arrangements to find a place to live, to secure clothing, and to obtain a financial source to make sure that you never find yourself in the position you will be on Day 31 by doing nothing. What will you do? Whom will you talk to? Where will you go?

Your comfort zone no longer exists!! Even though you are now FREE from this sentence, you are now as bare as you were when you were born.
  • So, you start by making a list of what you need. This list becomes your "why."
  • You then continue by determining where to go to get what you need. This list comprises your "who."
  • Finally, you put your plans in motion by simply calling your resources, one by one, to put all of your needs with a resource. This, of course, is your "how."
The question that must be asked AT THIS POINT is, "Is your situation dire enough for you to act NOW?" After all, you now have to suffer the ignominy of going to someone else for help...something being in your comfort zone would not normally ever permit!

We all have things that are before us that need to be "fixed" before we can successfully move on in our life.

For instance, do you have something for which you need to atone? Do you believe that perhaps your blessings are being blocked because you are not in a position to deserve them? Does your Pride (comfort zone) deter you from making that first step to accept your responsibility in such a matter?

Facing and thriving in relationships is perhaps life's greatest challenge. How we see ourselves in relation to another is challenge enough but to see ourselves in relation to Christ is something else indeed.

Christ, as a human, gave everything He had for us. When He breathed His last by saying, "Tetelestai (it is finished)," He forgave us all for hating Him and not believing in Him. But, He had to come; He had to die; He had to rise again so that we unworthy beings could be saved from God Almighty's judgment.

The path to success is trod through the lives of someone else whether we like it or not. The walls from that prison cell called your comfort zone must be torn down in order to even get started.
  • If you have a phone call to make that you have been fretting, make it.
  • If you have to earn some money to escape the tentacles of debt, ask for the sale.
  • If you have to forgive yourself (for yourself) in order to seek forgiveness from another, give it.
  • If you have to humble yourself in the face of your despair so that you can finally see where your pride has gotten you, then fall to your knees.
Have faith that our Lord wants us to prosper WITH Him. His is the first person's life through which you must trod to get anywhere. Without Him, the Scriptures say we are nothing.

When you do these things, the gates of your cell will be open and you can now live life more abundantly free from the fear and worry that keeps you locked into a comfort zone of misery and mediocrity.


Monday, July 5, 2010

My Guestbook

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Why The Coffee Business?!

If you are my friend, then you know that I am in the coffee business. Oh, you've seen me market other things before, and I still have them if you need them. They are all quality and do exactly what they are designed to do.

But, when it comes to the coffee business, many of you have asked me privately if it is "any good" or "is there money to be made" and the answers to both of those questions and more are emphatically YES!

Now, many of you have your own network marketing enterprises that you should rightfully work with enthusiasm and vigor. Whatever your reasons were for choosing that particular one is personal to you and I give you respect for it! You already know that network marketing is a viable and profitable method of earning income and, no, it is NOT a pyramid! How many times have you had to respond to THAT charge, eh? :-) Or, how about this one: "that's that thing where you make money off of other people!" *groan*

Those who say those things are not for network marketing. They believe what they believe and we as knowing marketers just smile and move along.

But, if you know and appreciate the power of network marketing, and its ability to create wealth through collaboration with like-minded individuals, let's look at why YOU should examine entering the coffee business WITH me and use it in conjunction with whatever business you are now working.

My business is as a distributor of OrGano Gold coffees and teas and hot chocolates. We also market nutraceuticals centered around the remarkable herb, Ganoderma Lucidum. There are literally millions of documented research papers done on this herb but to give you a highlight of what it can do, I recommend that you go to this website for a wealth of information on it.

Now, the main reason why I want you to consider coming into the coffee business WITH me is that the foundation of our business is coffee. That fact alone is important because 80% of the North American continent drinks coffee making it the second most consumed PRODUCT in the world behind water, and you need water to make it! We all know someone who drinks coffee, or tea, at least occasionally.

It is also the second highest traded commodity IN THE WORLD behind oil.

The coffee commodity is so important, so profitable, that McDonald's has created McCafe, Dunkin Donuts won't even advertise their donuts anymore, and Subway has started a breakfast line, with coffee of course! The coffee they are all using? Seattle's Best, or Starbucks in another name!

The word "coffee" is now part of our daily speech patterns:
  • I can't get my day started unless I have my __________.
  • Let's sit down over __________ and discuss it.
  • After dinner, we serve ___________.
You do not have to convince the coffee drinker to drink coffee! If they know YOU have it, they'll FIND you to get it!

This makes your business viable.

Second, because it IS coffee, people will go to great lengths to drink it. For many coffee drinkers, it is now an addiction. For these addicted people, they will spend a great deal of their money to get it.

If you are a coffee drinker, think on this for a moment: do you know just HOW MUCH you spend on coffee? Is it in your budget like other items such as rent, car payments, or food? I have a friend who didn't realize that the THREE or FOUR cups of triple espresso mocha that he was ordering from "SixBucks" on a DAILY basis added up to over $400.00 a month!!

For these people, in some cases, when it comes to their coffee, money is no object.

This makes your business sustainable.

Third, OUR coffee is different from regular coffee because it is, in effect, "healthy" coffee. As you can see from the link above, the Ganoderma Lucidum herb is so powerful, so important, that I heard a medical researcher say with his own mouth that if the pharmaceutical companies had their way, they would never let this herb become accepted by the US Government because he felt they would literally go out of business. He and others are doing research on the herb as a treatment for leprosy in Europe and are researching using Ganoderma Lucidum with stem cell research.

This makes your business cutting edge.

Fourth, when you combine the rich premium Arabica coffee with the immense power of Ganoderma Lucidum, a few things result:
  • The over 100 different forms of acid found in normal coffee are neutralized!
  • The caffeine is now neutralized!
  • The Ganoderma Lucidum ADDS over 150 antioxidants (orange juice only has three, by the way).
  • The taste of the coffee is elegantly smooth and will NOT upset your stomach as normal coffee might.
  • In addition to our rich and delicious Black coffee, we have a silky Latte, a soothing Mocha, and an extraordinary Green Tea, as well as Hot Chocolate.
This makes your business a gourmet coffee business.

Fifth, the compensation plan is not based on the paying of fees or splitting commissions. Whatever money you make from the marketing of your beverages and/or nutraceuticals--or even our SOAP--is yours to keep. In fact, you set the selling price!

The network marketing aspect of the compensation comes from volume and not entry fees or anything else so the notion that you're making money off of someone else, read, taking someone else's money is now debunked! If you want to make all the money that you can, you can do so without having to worry about someone else siphoning off your earnings and hindering your march towards your goal.

This makes your business fair.

So, to put it all into proper perspective, the OrGano Gold business opportunity takes advantage of five important sectors in our economy:
  1. Health and Wellness
  2. Weight Loss (with the Ganoderma Lucidum improving your body from the inside out, one may experience weight loss)
  3. E-Commerce (each representative is given their own FREE replicating e-commerce site through which they can conduct and track their business)
  4. Home Based Business (all the inherent freedoms of working from home are yours!), and most important,
  5. The Coffee Business (you will now have the same POWER as the Folger Family, the Maxwell House family, even the Starbucks Empire).
If you are in a network marketing endeavor, and you host ANY kind of meeting at all, what are you going to serve your guests??? Folgers? Maxwell House? Starbucks?? Will they send you a check for doing so?

No matter what profession you are now engaged in to earn a living, if you had a simple uncomplicated way of creating additional revenue streams, wouldn't you want to know about it?

OK, Don, how much?

I'm sure you have seen network marketing businesses where the sign-up fees and ongoing maintenance fees give you pause. Sadly, it is these fees which often have a marketer start out in the hole and get discouraged, particularly when you figure out that a lot of those fees went to your sponsor. There are some businesses, not all, where the margin is so slim that to make any real money, the people chase is all that counts. You cannot sustain your income without more and more people getting in and the underlying product or service becomes secondary to the chase for bodies! Tsk tsk tsk...

To get involved in OrGano Gold only takes $49.95 which gets you a kit. Period. You get a few samples and applications and other important items. But, for this you get your FREE website immediately!! So, think of what name you want your website to go by! Mine is Cafe Sano, or "healthy coffee" in Spanish. One lady in my organization chose "Aromalicious;'" another chose "Coffee by Carolyn."

Clever stuff!

Now, to sell product, you need to get some. So, you get some at wholesale and sell them at your price. The profit is yours; not mine!!

How do you sell it? Just let someone taste it! That is all one really needs...the coffee will do all the talking for you! Even the occasional coffee drinker will appreciate what you have just given them and they will ask you for more! It's just that simple--and that easy!

The compensation plan goes deeper in that there are some pretty lucrative bonuses that can be made but that's not as important as getting started and making money today, right?!

So, since you are my friends, all with different goals and aspirations as well as different attitudes about network marketing, I respectfully invite you to see OrGano Gold for what it really is and not what other network marketing ventures have shaped your perception to be!

I invite you to visit this now familiar link to learn what else you may need to know. It's pretty complete!

Again, I applaud you for even looking at this, let alone reading it all the way through! I have very distinct goals that I want to achieve in this business. The nurturing nature of the compensation plans means that I cannot achieve them without helping someone else succeed in reaching theirs. Do you want me to help you? Do you want a business that is perhaps exactly what you have been searching for but couldn't quite decide from among the myriad of opportunities out there?

Well, consider this: it's easy; it's simple' it's coffee!! And now it could be your ticket to financial freedom!

See you at the Bank!

P.S., MY website is Cafe-Sano.com

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